Get Paid While In Training - Learn & Earn!

Getting your CDL is just the first step to a great career in the trucking industry. Now you've got to get your hands on proper CDL training. Luckily, if you obtained your CDL with one of the premiere truck driving schools listed here then you've already got a high paying job with a company that will pay you to get your CDL training on the job.

Why spend thousands of dollars on truck driver school and training when there are companies ready to soak up the cost for you! Paid truck driver training offers benefits like:

  • Weekly salary during your CDL training
  • Expert training from experienced drivers
  • Skills and advice from industry leaders

Does it Matter Where I Get Truck Driver Training?

Not going to a company-sponsored truck driving school run by experienced and qualified industry leaders can be a costly mistake. Only an established trucking company knows all the ins and outs of this business. You want training with experienced drivers who have faced various situations on the road and know how to deal with them and train you properly.

Getting your truck driver training with an already established trucking company gives you more than just a bit of practice behind the wheel. You work with a trucker who basically takes you under his wing and gives you practical truck driver training.

Passing a written test is important and learning the facts about trucking is important, but hands-on training is where the rubber meets the road. When you go to one of the trucking schools listed on this website, your school experience is followed up with company paid on-the-job training. Since trucking is their business, these company paid truck driving schools can offer practical ways to become a safe, well-established and well paid truck driver.

Paid Truck Driving Training Offers Industry Knowledge & Top Pay

Attending truck driver training with an industry leader, you will learn:

  • Use of high-tech equipment
  • Satellite communications
  • DOT regulations that a truck driver must follow

Going with one of the truck driving schools listed on this website will give you your CDL, a high paying job, practical truck driver training and cutting edge experience.

Another benefit of choosing a truck driving school listed with us is getting to know the company you will work for before you become an employee. You can look at any of the companies listed on our website and see what kind of trucks they drive, what benefits are offered, and how much you will make when you start and as you progress with the company.

Get Started Today With A Superior Truck Driving School & Get Paid While Training

You can get started today by applying online to one of the truck driving schools listed here. You will be trained by the best companies in the U.S. with the most advanced trucks and equipment in the industry. Find the best company-sponsored truck driving schools and get paid while in CDL training.